Ramon Web.jpg

 What is your favorite meal?
Chili Rellenos , with cheese and not meat! 

Favorite movie of all time?
I love The Book Thief. Defiance too! 

What is the best gift you have ever given someone?
 I think help my sisters to pay for vacations that we can spend time together. 

Best movie soundtrack album?
Thieves with Brian Adams

How do you take your coffee?
People who know me say I don’t drink coffee, they say I drink sugar with some coffee added! 

What is your favorite genre of reading material?
I like to read biographies, peoples testimonies and things like that. I love reading about things people have done. The stories of their lives.

Favorite way to spend your day off?
Driving with my wife Sonia and going out to eat together! 

Favorite Bible verse?
Isaiah 41:10-13

Any other fun facts you’d like to share about yourself?
I like to be around people and I like to talk and share and eat with people. I am a people person! I also like to be spontaneous! Whatever comes, hey, lets go do something!