Today after lunch Susan, Taylor and I went to lunch excited from today’s service at Denver First CON. As our waiter came to take our drink order, he asked how our day was going so far. Taylor still reeling from the sermon began to tell him how we were just at Denver First CON and the sermon and worship were awesome and on and on (did I mention she was excited?) The waiter took a deep breath and began to tell us how he no longer goes to church and does not believe in organized religion. He went on about the Catholic Church, the Methodist church, the mornon cult, and many others. When he finished his rant he finally went to retrieve our waters with lemon.

For years I have heard people say they do not like organized religion and I must admit it really bothers me. Organized religion is a group of people who have a method or order of doing things that have a purpose and point and a goal in mind. Imagine if religion wasn’t organized. Everyone would show up whenever they wanted for service, but no one at the right time so nothing could be done or shared. The pastors of course needed no organized education, so would only ramble of what they personally know. So instead of facts everyone would learn bad opinions. No one would visit the sick, because we couldn’t organize the information of the patient or hospital or reason. Funerals and weddings would be a crapshoot hoping the church would be open and that someone to do the service would know to come, since it wasn’t organized.

Orphanages all over the world would shut down and children stave to death, because the church wasn’t organized in their practices. Missionaries would wonder in foreign places because they were not organized in what they are to do, and they church would most likely send them to the wrong place, because they weren’t organized in their game plan. Christian homeless shelters like the Denver rescue Mission would close down and hundreds of homeless and mentally handicap people would have no place to eat or sleep tonight. This list goes on and on doesn’t it?

I even pondered the thought of wondering if the kitchen he goes to get the food is organized or just a big mess where the health department would shut them down? What if payroll where he works wasn’t organized how he would feel not ever getting the right pay or payday? What if his doctor wasn’t organized and he had cancer, would he just want to stay at home and do his own research and personally healing, since he doesn’t need organization.

In his rant he also stated how no one knows which religion is right. I know how to find out; organize your time and effort and research it, but the would take some form of organization. To be honest, I usually hear this and realize the individual doesn’t want accountability for his life and his decisions.