Today was just another normal day for a guy who is busier than he needs to be. I worked all day, and had various meetings, did my doctoral studies and homework, had a staff meeting. Finally it was time to go home, by going home I mean, pick up Susan and Taylor and go to the gym and work out before I get to eat dinner and anything else. After my normal work out route of lifting and then running on the treadmill, it was time for the sweatbox, also known as the sauna.  The term for a sweatbox goes all the way back to old tourcherous prisons who used it for a special punishment for those who were especially bad. I am a good guy I promise, well for the most part that is! You have to psych yourself out to go the long haul in the sweatbox to get the most out of it. When I went in there was seven guys in there, and I told myself I would outlast all of them before I left. After about 15 minutes one by one stepped out but one guy. I told him that they all left like there was a fire in here or something. He answered with some very strong explicit language about their masculinity in a joking manner of course. We began talking out the sweatbox and he asked about the sweatshirt I had on which made it even worse for me. I told him how I sat at a desk these days and as an old man I needed. He stated he sat at a desk all day too and how it is hard on your body and a man can get pretty fat sitting in a (explicit) chair all day. I asked him what he did and he said he was an investment banker who worked from home. AND THEN HE ASKED WHAT I DID! I told him I was the new lead pastor at Long Beach First Church of the Nazarene. Right off the bat he said he was sorry for his language and asked that I not judge him. I told him no problem and please don’t judge me. He looked shocked when I told him not to judge me. He said he never heard a preacher ask that before. I told him that while most think I will judge them, the truth is most people judge me thinking I will judge them, condemn them, preach at them, and then call them a sinner who needs to get right with God. He said he had never thought of that, but it was true, he was just doing that exact same thing. I told him I was just a regular guy who loved Jesus and his language wasn’t a sin, just in need of netter adjectives. I also told him that the commandment was not to use God’s name in vain and that the F word wasn’t even used in Jesus’ time. We talked for a little while longer and introduced himself as Camden and I said I was just Brad. He asked a few more simple questions and after answering them I said I needed to go because I was dying. He asked if I came there a lot and I said everyday. He then said I will see you tomorrow and I told him to come up with another good question for tomorrow and we will discuss it then. Pray for Camden and don’t judge him or me.